Message from the President

Established in 1951, as a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary research institute of electric power industry, CEPRI has been endeavoring for over 65 years and achieved fruitful achievements. With a brilliant history behind us, generations of CEPRI personnel have dedicated themselves to the development of China’s electric power industry, and cultivated a large pool of excellent talents by inheriting and enhancing our S&T advantages, paying close attention to the needs of China’s power sector, and striving forward with our persistence, devotion, enterprising spirit and innovative power. Thanks to our unyielding efforts, we could take pride in our consistent contributions and landmark achievement to China’s electric power industry.

Big trees grow on solid roots, and abundant fruit can only be harvested from fertile land. Looking forward to the future, CEPRI will live up to the expectations of SGCC in responding to the needs of China’s power industry. With the central task of supporting SGCC’s Two Transfers, CEPRI is committed to creating an innovative management mechanism, enhancing its capability of scientific and technological innovation and support services, and accelerating the process of its integration into SGCC’s core operations. Adhering to the corporate culture of “in search of excellence, in pursuit of out-performance”, CEPRI is striving to become a leading R & D and consulting agency with recognition from home and abroad, and make even greater contributions to the upgrading of the electric power technology and development of the electric power industry before 2020.


  Guo Jianbo