What can we deliver?

CEPRI leads innovation and excellence in electric power. It is devoted to R & D, technical service and consulting, testing and inspection, and technical standards.

R & D: CEPRI mainly conducts scientific research in the fields of EHV/UHV AC/DC transmission and transformation technologies, bulk power grid security stability and control technologies, transmission and transformation engineering design and construction technologies, smart distribution and consumption technologies, renewable energy integration technologies, energy storage technologies, ICT, energy efficiency evaluation and energy conservation technologies. It has achieved numerous breakthroughs and fruitful achievements in terms of key technologies of large capacity and long-distance transmission, smart power grid dispatching, and large-scale renewable energy integration, etc.

Technical Service and Consulting: CEPRI has not only the strong technology R & D capabilities but also rich practical engineering experiences. Besides, based on whole series of power system simulation & analysis programs and physical devices with self-owned IPR, CEPRI provides full support for the businesses of R & D, consulting and commission to domestic power grid and overseas projects. The main business fields focus on simulation and analysis of power system, security and stability of bulk power grid, planning, operation and control of power system, electromagnetic transient analysis of power system, EHV/UHV AC/DC transmission and transformation, flexible AC transmission system, simulation modeling and parameter testing of excitation and governing system, system commissioning of EHV/UHV AC/DC transmission project and other aspects. CEPRI has conducted the following consulting services overseas in recent years:

●To undertake the Belo-Monte ±800kV UHV DC II transmission project with the study on system stability analysis, system control, and system commissioning from 2015.

To undertake the Malta Grid updating project with the study on relay protection verification, system stability analysis, and control method improvement from 2015.

To undertake the Pakistan Matiari-Lahore HVDC transmission project with the study on system stability analysis, security & stability control, and system commissioning from 2014.

Testing and Inspection:CEPRI serves as the national base for testing and inspecting electrical and mechanical properties of UHV AC/DC, UHV transmission tower, high and low voltage electricity, transmission and transformation line equipment and materials as well as large-scale wind power integration system and solar power generation. The affiliated centers are authoritative quality inspection, test, and calibration units for power products approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) and China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

As the basis for three national and fourteen industrial level affiliated quality inspection organizations, CEPRI has constructed a unified management system and developed the test and inspection brand of CEPRI. In total, there are over 700 professional calibration, test and certification personnel. The original value of main instruments and equipment surpasses CNY 700 million, among which there are nearly 400 units/sets with value above CNY 400,000. The laboratories cover an overall area of about 45,000 square meters (including outside area). CEPRI can assume test and inspection work for nearly 500 items (products), covering more than 90% test and inspection business in the field of power grid.