Core Technologies

CEPRI leads innovation and excellence in electric power science and technology. By researching on foresight and fundamental technologies, CEPRI has developed technologies with proprietary IPR that meet international standards. CEPRI is active mainly in the following research fields: EHV/UHVAC/DC transmission and transformation, bulk power grid security stability and control, transmission and transformation engineering design and construction, smart distribution and consumption, renewable energy integration, energy storage, ICT, energy efficiency evaluation and energy conservation technologies.

Extra/Ultra High Voltage Transmission and Transformation Technology

Power System Analysis and Planning Technology

Power System Simulation and Modeling Technology

Power Grid Safe and Stable Operation and Control Technology

Power System Relay Protection Technology

High Voltage Equipment and Its Safe Operation Technology

Power Grid Environmental Protection Technology

Transmission and Transformation Technology

Power Grid Automation Technology

Information and Power Communication Technology

Electricity Market Operation Technology

Electric Measurement Technology

Smart Power Distribution Technology

Smart Power Consumption and Interactive Service Technology

Energy Efficiency Management and Low Carbon Energy Saving Technology

Renewable Energy Power Generation and Grid Connection Technology

Large-scale Energy Storage Technology

New Electrical Materials and Sensing Technology

Superconducting Power Technology