National Energy Metering (Electricity) Center approved for establishment

It is learned on January 15 that State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) approved State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) to establish National Energy Metering (Electricity) Center (NEMEC) based on SGCC Metering Center. NEMEC is the 3rd state-level industrial energy metering center approved by SAMR for establishment after the spaceflight and urban traffic centers.

NEMEC’s main missions are: strengthening the development of an integrated system for energy metering data collection and monitoring to gradually realize the online collection and monitoring of energy metering data for various industries, sectors and enterprises; strengthening the in-depth research on the source tracing technology, advanced testing technology, online monitoring and intelligent diagnosis technology and quality evaluation technology for electric energy’s metering values to break through in key technologies and bottlenecks, take the lead in electricity metering technology’s development and improve the overall quality of energy metering instruments; building an electric energy metering big data service platform and a power industry’s national quality infrastructure (NQI) service cloud platform to provide data statistics analysis support for the government’s decision-making and quality supervision activities, and offer data analysis and application services for enterprises’ energy-saving, consumption reduction and quality improvement efforts; and forging an electric energy metering technical research, exchange and communication platform to boost the progress of China’s energy metering technology, promote technology sharing, technical innovation and technical achievements transformation, and drive the cultivation of electric energy metering talents.

Under SAMR’s unified deployment and direction, NEMEC will give full play of SGCC’s overall competitiveness, pool talents, technical forces and data resources from all aspects, highlight the power industry’s characteristics, make actively explorations and bold innovations, deeply explore the core value of electric energy metering data, constantly improve energy metering supportive services, offer authentic, accurate and all-round services including statistics, mining, analysis, application and consultation of electric energy data for governments, enterprises and consumers, boost the energy metering service’s full-process, comprehensive and intelligent transformation and upgrading, and offer important technical support for serving the national energy strategy and driving national ecological civilization and green development.